What are the Best Sim Only Deals in the UK?

Sim only deals are the best options if you’re looking for something more affordable than standard pay monthly deals. With a Sim only deal, you’ll only get a Sim card, which means you need to have your own handset. You get to enjoy cheaper rates on your call, text and data services. In fact, some Sim card only deals are now offering unlimited data of as low as £17 per month. Some deals don’t have lock in periods. There are 4G Sim deals you can choose for a one-month contract.

Here are the best Sim only deals available in the market today:

Giffgaff Standard Sim

If you don’t want to get hooked to a lengthy contract, your best bet is Giffgaff’s Sim card deal where you get to enjoy 500 inclusive minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data per month. The monthly fee is fixed at £12 month. The best ting about it is you can leave the contract whenever you like plus you earn cash with payback if you recommended others to avail a giffgaff deal.

BT Mobile Standard Sim

For 500 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 2GB data, BT Mobile’s standard Sim only deal is affordable enough at £15 per month. The contract lasts for 12 months with exciting incentives such as free BT Sport and live premier league games, unlimited access to BT’s Wi-Fi network and faster 4G connection speed.

Virgin Media Standard Sim

Cheap and easy to avail, Virgin Mobile’s Sim only deal is worth checking out if you’re a heavy texter and caller. Included in the deal’s bundle are unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data for £12 per month for a one-month contract. There’s no need to worry about lengthy lock-in periods. If you want to switch to another network after a month, you are free to do so without any charges or fees.

Vodafone Standard Sim

While more expensive than other deals, the Vodafone standard Sim card only deal offers unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and a generous 4GB data at £22 per month. The contract offers 4G connection and it lasts for 12 months. If you’re lucky enough, you may be eligible for the Free Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile available on some select 4G deals.

Three Mobile Standard Sim

One of the cheapest standard Sim only deals available in the market today is from Three Mobile where you get 200 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 500MB data at £8 per month for 12 months. You get to enjoy fast 4G connection speed and at no extra cost if you own a device compatible with the Sim card’s 4G network. This deal is perfect for light users. You can even use it abroad at no extra cost.

BT Mobile Standard Sim (for BT Broadband existing customers)

For existing BT Broadband customers, the network provider is currently offering a very cheap standard Sim only deal. At £5 per month for 12 months, this 4G Sim deal offers 200 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 500 MB data. This is suitable for average callers and light data users. The deal also includes other incentives such as unlimited access to BT’s Wi-Fi network, free BT Sport and of course, the fastest 4G connection with EE’s network.

The People’s Operator Standard SIM

Though this option uses 3G, this Sim card deal is worth looking at for a number of reasons. One is the 1-month contract lock-in period. If you want to switch after a month, you can do so without any hassles of extra charges or fees. The plan includes 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 4GB data at £11.99 per month.

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