Best Network Providers in the UK

If you want the best phone deal, it’s not just about choosing the cheapest rates or picking the best handset. At the end of the day, it’s more about choosing the best network provider. With increased competition among network providers, it won’t be easy picking the best of the lot but this guide should offer help you with your dilemma.

There are basically four major networks in the UK and they are EE, Three Mobile, O2 and Vodafone. All four have been striving to offer better services to customers. But which one reigns best?

A research was conducted to compare the four providers in terms of speed, Internet performance, coverage and reliability. Results showed that EE seems to have beaten the competition quite impressively. Following EE is Three Mobile then O2 and Vodafone occupying the last two spots.

As the largest network in the UK with 31 million subscribers, EE remains to claim the top spot thanks to its consistently topnotch services. The network boasts the largest not to mention the fastest 4G network across UK. With subscribers relying mostly on their mobile phones for Internet browsing, it’s no surprise why EE is not only highly recommended by experts but also by other subscribers.

While EE may be the fastest, it’s not exactly the most reliable. In this regard, Three Mobile claims the top spot for reliability. If it’s reliability of service you are looking for, Three may be the better option. Three Mobile was the top choice for reliability throughout UK providing consistent and quality network connection every time.

Before you pick a network provider, however, remember that there are other factors to consider. You’ll need to inject the right balance when considering the best network provider to suit your needs. Remember that coverage varies from city to city. It would help if you seek recommendations from other subscribers and read user reviews to get it right.

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